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Besses o’th’ Barn Band Recordings

‘Private & Commercial acoustic and electrical recordings, covering the years 1903 to 1960. These have been edited and re-mastered for reproduction on CD’


 New website contains Brass Band MP3 downloads of every album. Check What’s New and follow us on Twitter for the latest news on forthcoming releases. Park Recordings presents a catalogue of music CDs featuring the brass bands of Harry Mortimer’s All Stars, Besses o’th Barn, Bickershaw Colliery, Black Dyke Mills, CWS(Manchester), Wingates Band, Roberts’ Bakery Band, Dunaskin Doon and the United Co-op Crewe Band. New recordings and productions from archives, edited and enhanced for CD. Additional feature productions include CDs of Virtuoso artists, these include William Lang, Mark Wilkinson and Derek M. Garside. Sousa’s own original famous band, joined by others play their well known marches. The Wally Mackenzie Dance Orchestra and a selection of bands and orchestra’s from Schools & Colleges complete our first class CD Catalogue. Forthcoming releases include the Foden’s Motor Works Band and further volumes of Black Dyke Mills and Besses o’th Barn Bands. We also specialise in the re-editing and re-mastering for CD, older recordings 78s, EP LP records and tapes. We also have available printed music of selected works contained in our CD catalogue, icon photographs of famous brass musicians and our popular CD and Record Clocks. See our Services for more information.